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Why Technology Education and Integration at Epiphany?

It's so much more than computers.

Epiphany's technology education goals and integration serve to support all subject areas: STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), Social Studies, Language Arts, Religion, Spanish, Art, Music and PE.

The integration of current and emerging technologies in all content areas and at all grade levels provide our students with:
A more active engagment with content. Web-based tools, iPads apps, and technology education promote student excitement for further exploration of content and engaging ways to present and publish their knowledge. Epiphany puts these tools in the hands of its students on a daily basis.

A strong foundation in 21st century skills.   Epiphany prepares students for future success by developing strong basic skills including encouraging creativity and honing problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
Students explore and create at their own pace, collaborate on cooperative projects, and solve problems with the aid of various technologies.

An awarenss and understanding of the moral and ethical responsbilities of being a "Digital Citizen".  
It is imperative that our students understand how to paricipate as a citizen in the online world safely and responsibly.  Epiphany's curriculum is designed to incorporate fundamental digital citizenship concepts in all content areas every day.  Safety and responsibility are key to our students' well-being and success with technology and online tools.


 Edmodo Parent Getting Started.pdf
Getting Started with Edmodo for Parents

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